Have you realized the direction and focus in the features of a house have changed over the last several decades? Houses built in the 70’s and 80’s were built with large backyards and family gathering areas but have little to no closet space and small, confined bathrooms. Compared to modern day bathrooms, you could fit sometimes as many as 10 older bathrooms in one master suite of a standard house built today. Because of our change in our standard of living, people now expect luxurious bathrooms and closet space over an obtuse yard, which requires maintenance and upkeep.

Modern women want a space where they can relax and unwind from a full day at work or with the kids. Well, if you own an older home you may have considered the idea of remodeling to get that spa feel you desire.

When planning a Scottsdale bathroom design, think about some suggestions here, and ways you can get out of the box.


For Small bathroom floor plans, Mixing textures and different elements is a great idea, don’t be afraid of it. You can easily mix natural stone and porcelain tile to create more interest in a space. An example of this would be using porcelain tile for the flooring but using natural stone around the bathtub drop-in for a dramatic effect and focal point. Glass tiles can also be utilized to add the “pop” you are looking for in your space.  Sinks are also a great tool to add more interest to your bathroom. Whether you choose and under-mounted stainless steel sink or a sink that is basin style, atop your counter and is rough and stony. There are hundreds of options available to choose from rather than going with the tradition counter and sink.


This is where most people seem to fall short. So many people do a full remodel but forget to finish up with the details that really bring the bathroom together. One of these common mistakes include the light fixtures. This small, but important fixture is very important in finalizing that spa like atmosphere. Instead of going with plain mirrors, invest in framed bathroom mirrors, that will give your space a more custom look and will warm the room dramatically. Instead of using traditional towel bars and rings, get out of the box and use hooks, or other devices that are custom and can double as towel hangers. My husband and I hated the gold rings that came with our house to hold the hand towels so we found contemporary toilet paper bars that were very contemporary and clean. We installed those instead as hand towel hangers and they work brilliantly. Not only do they look amazing and custom, but no one knows what the original purpose was for the bar!


When doing Scottsdale bathroom remodeling, don’t forget the extra luxuries that are available to you. When redoing your cabinetry area, consider the idea of installing a under the counter fridge, or a warming drawer for your towels. Nothing screams luxury more than a steamy towel after a relaxing bath. Another “extra” to consider is a wall mounted TV or a cabinet to hold your TV so you can get caught up in the morning while taking your shower instead of while you are making breakfast.

One of the top requirements for home buyers is an updated, modern bathroom. So when it comes time that you would like to start updating your space, don’t forget all the options available and don’t be afraid to enlist in someone to help you with the planning and execution of the project. There is way too much potential for you to miss if on your own when it comes to Scottsdale Bathroom Designs.