Against the backdrop of a rather spiritually dull, lifeless and desperately needy New England context – ripe for harvest and rich with opportunity for a holy (other) spiritual experience – God has providentially gathered together this group of Christians who share a like faith within a diversely unified expression of humble orthodoxy in the Southern Baptist tradition. Central to our identity are the following:

  • The God-centeredness of God
  • The centrality and supremacy of Jesus Christ in all things
  • A strong teaching ministry model
  • Genuine Christian community and relational vitality
  • Creative cultural and civic involvement

In an ever-increasing measure, this is what we have been experiencing over the past few years, and what we seek to crystallize and cultivate in a church context and beyond. There is among us a core conviction that God has called us together to “know Him better than we know anything and to enjoy Him more than we enjoy anything”. With this as our driving passion, we feel God will effectively, wisely and winsomely lead us according to His will and purpose for this time and place in ways we could never prepare for or anticipate.

Parsing Our Vision

“a vibrant, holistic, biblical 21st century church”
…to know God (Father, Son & Holy Spirit) better than we know anything
AND to enjoy God more than we enjoy anything!
to see…This is faith in Jesus Christ
to behold The Lord and Savior of the world – who He is, why He came and how He impacts every aspect of life!
to savor…This is worship of God
to contemplate the glorious splendor of His majesty – to exult in and enjoy the profound wonders of His eternal glory!
to show forth…This is love for man
to creatively demonstrate to others the manifold ways that God has expressed His goodness, mercy and grace toward mankind!