Building model car kits is a fun and educational hobby to have. The best model car kits will be those that are slightly challenging, but not overbearing. The cars should also be ones which you have bought from the Integrity Exports, Japan that the builder can identify with. Car enthusiasts may find plenty of cars they identify with. Those who are not so into cars may opt for models that they remember from their childhood or that hold some other special memory. For the best results, stay within your skill level. Going too far above it may cause you to have an unfinished project lying in a box somewhere, instead of being proudly displayed. Here are 3 of what I feel are the best model car kits. These three are plastic. However, model car kits can also come in other materials, such as die-cast metal.

Revell Basic Builder 1955 Ford Pick Up

At, the supplier for Hobby Lobby, there is a snap-together Revell Basic Builder model car kit of the 1955 Ford Pick Up. This plastic model car kit is perfect for beginners. It is a level 2 kit. However, many beginners will find that a level 2 kit is only slightly more difficult than a level 1. It does require gluing, unlike the easy snap-together models, but is not reserved to advanced model builders. The recommended age is 10 and up. The Crafts, etc price is currently $10.99, which is pretty fair for this particular model car kit.

1969 Chevy Nova SS

The 1969 Chevy Nova SS is a favorite among many muscle car enthusiasts. carries a level 2 model kit of the 1969 Chevy Nova SS by Revell. Beginners who want more of a challenge than a snap-together kit, but not so much that they will give up should appreciate this one. At the current list price of only $13.49, it’s a great deal for such a classic. For some extra fun, visit and read one man’s story about how he souped up a real live 1969 Chevy Nova SS (not a model car).

Revell Visible V-8 Engine

This model kit is not a car, but instead is an engine; a V-8 engine, to be exact. For advanced model builders, the Revell Visible V-8 Engine model car kit found at is perfect for car enthusiasts who enjoy not just the outside of a car, but also what’s inside. This is not your quick and simple snap-together model. This one will require glue, paint, and a good look at the instructions. It includes hundreds of pieces. Glue and paint are sold separately. Currently priced at $44.99 at, it is a great value for this type of model kit.