The selection of baby clothes is the most beautiful thing on the arrival of a new child with safety. Not only the anticipation of the expectant parents, but also increases sugar rompers and bodysuits, dresses, hats, to buy, and to seek out sleeping suits & co. by friends and relatives. Because you can make hardly anything wrong with giving the latest baby fashions for the initial equipment and indulge while still even a bit in the baby luck. The basic equipment is only the first step towards a full wardrobe of the next generation. Just in the first few weeks after birth, the child grows so quickly that you barely come afterwards with new merino wool baby clothes.

For your baby – clothes only at its finest

From the basic initial equipment of the basics such as bodysuits, tops, pants, rompers, and shoes, hats to special pieces, especially for premature babies made clothing or designs with playful details – here you can find everything easily! Quality is for us but not equally expensive, because with the baby clothes in the sale you make real bargains! You can learn about what to consider when selecting.

Baby clothing size

Just in the first few weeks, growth is advancing so quickly that your baby needs new clothes.

To be always up to date, you should have the current size of the child always ready. To calculate this is easy, because the dress size is usually your child’s body length. So just measure your baby from top to bottom and you determine the size of your order at the same time. If you are not sure, you buy the baby clothes or baby merino socks just a number greater than. Your child will grow up soon enough in this size! See an overview of the common order sizes of baby clothing in our online shop, as well as the conversion to international sizes in an appropriate size table within the framework of our separate fitting advice.

Fair price – meets highest quality baby clothes online

The children have just left the protective environment of the womb and are still very sensitive to their environment. What to wear on the body must be accordingly also kind to the skin. The fabric must not scrape or press and above all, he should be free of pollutants. Basically your child is, the more comfortable the clothing feels, the more comfortable. In the summer, therefore light, airy fabrics sign up best while in the winter, rather fluffy fleece or wool are attached. Also beware of tricky details that could be dangerous to your baby. Bows, ribbon or belt may look cute, first and foremost involves the fashion for small children but security and convenience. Baby clothes, too, which you can buy online with us meets this standard. Make also sure that the clothes sit, that buttons and hooks in place and the neck opening is large enough to switch your child comfortable on, and take off to.