Preparing for a baby can be overwhelming at times, whether you are a first-time mom or a seasoned veteran of motherhood, you still never know exactly what to buy. I always found preparing for the merino wool baby clothes needs of a newborn to be one of the most daunting tasks.

I suggest starting your baby preparations around the 6th or 7th month. You still have the energy to get out and around at this time, and it gives you plenty of time to prepare for baby’s needs. After making my first trip to the hospital without having bought a car seat yet, I was always afraid that something would happen, and I wouldn’t be ready. A baby can come early, or complications can put you on a bed rest unable to get out. This is why it is best to prepare early.

While many couples find out the gender of the baby long before it’s birth, there are still a few who enjoy the surprise of finding out at birth. While knowing the gender of the baby does simplify shopping for baby’s clothing, it is still possible to purchase for the baby ahead of time when you do not know the baby’s gender. Most newborn clothing is designed to be unisex, with neutral colors and designs.

When preparing your baby’s layette you should purchase at least six to ten infant t-shirts or onesies. I used both with my babies, and found quickly that you could never have too many. A newborn can easily go through three or four a day.

While you can probably get by with three to four newborn sleepers, I would suggest getting more like six or seven. Newborn sleepers can be either a gown, or footed. I preferred the gowns, because they allowed more room for baby to grow, making them useable for a longer period of time than the footed sleepers.

You will also most definitely need to two to three newborn hats. Babies lose the majority of their body heat through the tops of their head, so the hat helps to keep warm. This is an item that I wouldn’t go overboard with simply because the hospital will put one on the baby as soon as they are born, and a lot of the outfits you buy come with matching hats.

Often overlooked are baby mitts, I suggest buying two or three pairs. Newborns tend to scratch at their face, and the mitts protect their delicate skin from scratches.

You will also need to purchase around four or five pairs of socks or booties. Socks usually come in a package of six, so one package should do. In addition you will most likely need three or four pairs of pull on pants, which can be worn with the t-shirts and onesies. A lightweight sweater or jacket will also be a necessity.

As far as receiving blankets you should be prepared to go through these a lot. I used mine for burp cloths as well, as a new mom you tend to be thankful for any item that can be used for double duties. I suggest purchasing at least seven to eight, if not ten.

As I said earlier, anticipating baby’s clothing needs can be a daunting task, but it is just one of the first of many decisions you will be faced with on this exciting journey into motherhood.